MB6-898 Explain Personnel actions

You use personnel actions to accumulate a list of historical records for all worker or position actions. It's used if you want to keep a list of changes made on positions or on workers. There are two types of personnel actions; Worker actions Position actions When you use personnel actions, you can log changes such… Continue reading MB6-898 Explain Personnel actions

MB6-898 Create and assign positions to workers

Read about what positions and jobs are and how they are connected to each other. To create a position, you go to the position page in the organization administration and click the new button if you want to create one from scratch, or the copy position if you wish to make a copy of an… Continue reading MB6-898 Create and assign positions to workers

MB6-898 Manage worker information

The first part of Set Up and Use the Talent Application (25 - 30%) is all about managing the worker information Understand worker and position datadescribe the difference between jobs and positionsset up and manage jobscreate and assign positions to workersexplain Personnel actionsenable and use Worker actions and Position actionsconfigure prerequisites for positions and jobsconfigure… Continue reading MB6-898 Manage worker information