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Pradeep Mehra

Pradeep Mehra of Almora, who became famous overnight after going viral while running on the streets of Noida at midnight, is from Almora.

Military officers have begun to contact him. Along with this, many well-known people have called Pradeep and offered to assist him.

Pradeep Mehra Interview News 18

Pradeep Mehra Interview News 18:

Pradeep Mehra Wiki, Biography

Pradeep Mehra Wiki

Pradeep Mehra Wiki, Biography: Pradeep Mehra, a 19-year-old boy from Uttarakhand, has captured everyone’s attention.

He works at McDonald’s in Noida’s Sector 16. Pradeep Mehra ran from his workplace to his home at midnight on a Noida road.

When filmmaker Vinod Kapri offered to give him a ride home, he declined because he wanted to join the Indian Army.

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Pradeep Mehra McDonald’s

Pradeep Mehra McDonald’s: Pradeep Mehra makes a living as a worker at McDonald’s. Yesterday, Pradeep went viral after a filmmaker, Vinod Kapri, saw him running and offered him a ride home.

Still, he refused, claiming that he was training for the Indian Army and didn’t have time to run, so he ran 10 kilometres every day to get back home.

Pradeep mehra second viral video

Pradeep mehra second viral video:

Pradeep Mehra News

Pradeep Mehra News: Pradeep Mehra is making headlines after a video of him running through the streets of Noida at night went viral. 

What is expected and what is unique, everyone admires the young 19-year-old boy. 

Anand Mahindra, a businessman, couldn’t help but praise Pradeep Mehra, describing him as self-sufficient (Aatmanirbhar).

Viral Vinod Kapri Video

Viral Vinod Kapri Video: On Sunday, filmmaker Vinod Kapri posted a video to Twitter. A young man can be seen running through the streets of Noida at night in the video.

Vinod Kapri shared the video with the caption, “I tried to give the young man a lift, but he refused.” He also wrote that knowing the reason for the young man’s refusal to take the lift would make everyone fall in love with him.

Pradeep Mehra Running 10KM

Pradeep Mehra Running 10KM: Pradeep Mehra runs 10 kilometres every day to get home after finishing his shift at McDonald’s. He gets up at 8 a.m. to prepare food.

He doesn’t have time to train, so he runs a 10-kilometre loop from his workplace to his house every day.

He was running on Noida’s road at midnight when filmmaker Vinod Kapri offered him a ride home, but he declined.

Vinod’s video, which he posted on Twitter, has won many hearts. Badshah, a rapper and singer, tweeted

Anand Mahindra Tweet On Viral Boy Pradeep Mehra

Anand Mahindra Tweet On Viral Boy Pradeep Mehra: A user shared the viral video and tagged Anand Mahindra, asking if the youth could be assisted in any way.

Anand Mahindra retweeted it, writing, ‘This is inspiring.’ But do you know what motivates me on Mondays? The fact that he is self-sufficient and refuses ride offers. He doesn’t require anyone’s assistance. ‘She is self-sufficient!’

Pradeep Mehra Story

Pradeep Mehra Almora

Pradeep Mehra Story: When asked what he does in the viral video, the young man says he works at McDonald’s in Noida Sector-16.

He must enlist in the army. Because he does not have time to run and practise because of his job, he compensates by running until he gets home.

He stated that his home is 10 kilometres from Noida Sector-16 and that he travels home in this manner every day. As a result, his practice is completed, and his lack of time is alleviated.

Millions of people have viewed the video since it is posted. Sports legends such as Harbhajan Singh and Kevin Pietersen have also endorsed Pradeep.

Pradeep Mehra FAQ

Pradeep Mehra Biography

Pradeep Mehra is a 19-year-old college student. He practises Hinduism as his religion. We can’t tell you his zodiac sign because we don’t have his exact birth date. He is of Indian origin.

Pradeep Mehra Age

Pradeep Mehra is a 19-year-old college student.

Pradeep Mehra Cast

Pradeep Mehra is Hindu. He practises Hinduism as his religion.

Pradeep Mehra Parents, Siblings

Pradeep Mehra’s parents’ names are unknown, but his mother is in the hospital due to health problems. He has a brother who lives with him in Barola.

Pradeep Mehra Girlfriend

Pradeep Mehra is singe, he is not married and he doesn’t have any girlfriend.

Pradeep Mehra Net Worth 

Pradeep works at Mcdonald’s in Noida Sector 16 but his net wroth is not known. He belongs to a lower middle class family.

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