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Review of the Mithya Series Zee5’s Mithya is an Indian web series. On February 18, 2022, a Hindi-language web series will be released. It can be viewed online via the Zee5 website and app.

Several women’s stories are intertwined in the plot. When lies and false promises are exposed, everything changes. It is an Indian adaptation of the 2019 British television drama Cheat, starring Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor.

Kaun Banega Shikharvati, the largest streaming platform for South Asian content, will release another original web series – Mithya – soon after releasing its successful original – Kaun Banega Shikharvati. In collaboration with Rose Audio Visual Production, Applause Entertainment produced the film.


The show is a psychological drama about the conflicting relationship between Juhi, a Hindi literature professor, and her student Riya. What begins as a classroom conflict quickly escalates into a hostile psychological battle between the two women, resulting in fatalities and shocking revelations.

The show’s cast is led by Huma Qureshi and includes Sameer Soni, Rajit Kapoor, Avantika Dasani, Parambrata Chatterjee, and Avantika Aakrekar.

It is directed by Rohan Sippy and stars Sameer Soni, Rajit Kapoor, Avantika Dasani, Parambrata Chatterjee, and Avantika Aakrekar.

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Mithya (Zee5) : Web Series Storyline

Mithya is a Rohan Sippy-directed Indian psychological thriller web series. The lead actresses are Huma Qureshi and Avantika Dasani. The series is produced by Applause Entertainment in collaboration with Rose Audio Visual. It will debut on the OTT platform Zee5 on February 18.

Mithya is a six-part ZEE5 original series directed by Rohan Sippy and produced by Applause Entertainment in collaboration with Rose Audio Visual Production, starring Huma Qureshi and Avantika Dasani. Avantika Dasani makes her acting debut in the series, which also stars Parambrata Chatterjee, Rajit Kapoor, and Sameer Soni.

Huma Qureshi plays Juhi, a Hindi Sahitya Vishwavidyalaya professor, and Avantika Dasani plays Riya Rajguru, his student, in Mithya. As a result, a disastrous chain of events ensues. Juhi and Rhea are locked in a psychological battle.

“When I read Mithya’s script, I was immediately attracted to this world and all the layered characters,” says Huma Qureshi, who plays Juhi in the series. It was thrilling to be a part of such a genre and play a Hindi professor, both of which were firsts for me.

I had a great time working with Rohan Sippy, Goldie Behl, and the rest of the cast, and I hope Mithya keeps you as enthralled as I was.”

Mithya Series Review

When suspense, drama, action, and paranoia keep the audience on the edge of their seats, it’s always a good idea to watch a psychological thriller. Similarly, the two central characters – Juhi Adhikari (Huma S Qureshi) and Riya Rajguru (Avantika Dasani) – keep the audience glued to their story of consecutive nights as the mystery surrounding ‘Mithya’ begins to unravel.

With the writers (Anvita Dutt, Althiya Kaushal, and former Naresh) spinning a tale of infidelity, manipulation, and the discovery of some intensely dark secrets. Most of the time, information concealment techniques create tension in the audience, and Rohan Sippy’s six-part series has enough gunpowder to conceal the mystery while exploring the toxic relationship between a teacher and his student.

‘Mithya,’ based on the life of Hindi literature professor Juhi, is based in Darjeeling and is based on the British TV show ‘Cheat.’ Professionally, he is the most qualified candidate for the position of University Head of Department (HOD) and an aspiring writer. She is married to Neil (Parambrata Chatterjee), trying to have a child. Everything appears to be in order from a distance, and Juhi seems to be content with her life.

However, as we learn more about her, such as when she has sexual fantasies about her colleague Vishal (Indranil Sengupta), who nominates her for the position of HOD, or when she meets her best friend, Sharmishtha. (Naina) talking about her marriage. Sareen) discusses the problems she faces daily, as well as her anxiety attacks.

There isn’t much action, but the narrative carefully arranges the jigsaw puzzle pieces to set up the climactic act. The climax becomes somewhat predictable as the story progresses, but it still delivers the satisfying ending it deserves.

Even when the plot falters, the main characters, Huma S Qureshi and debutante Avantika Dasani manage to hold the audience’s attention with their intense performances. Huma looks stunning in simple saris and is an excellent choice for the role of Professor Juhi.

Avantika (daughter of ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ star Bhagyashree) chooses a challenging role as a maniac for her first acting role, but she comes across as surprisingly confident and assured on screen.

Rhea frequently wears a jacket with skinny jeans and leather boots to demonstrate her casual and casual attitude. She communicates only half-heartedly because she is unsuitable for such a gloomy person.

Rajit Kapoor and Avantika Akarkar play Juhi’s parents, respectively. The believable performance of Parambrata Chatterjee will undoubtedly make you dislike his character Neil and his life choices.

The scenic magnificence of Darjeeling, combined with snowy weather, rain, and the greenery of the Himalayan foothills, adds to the script’s beauty. The background music (by Vipul Sharma and George Joseph) is also compelling and fits the plot well.

Mithya (Zee5) Web Series Cast

  • Juhi Adhikari. Huma Qureshi.
  • Rhea Rajguru. Avantika Dasani.
  • Neil Adhikari. Parambrata Chatterjee.
  • Anand Tyagi. Rajit Kapur.
  • Sudha Tyagi. Avantika Akerkar.
  • Rajguru. Samir Soni.
  • SI Ajeet Biswas. KC Shankar.
  • Sunanda. Bishakha Thapa.

Mithya (Zee5) Web Series Details

Title Mithya
Main Cast Huma Qureshi
Avantika Dassani
Genre Psychological Thriller
Director Rohan Sippy
Producer Goldie Behl
Shradha Behl Singh
Sameer Nair
Story and Screenplay Althea Kaushal
Purva Naresh
Editor Deepak Segal
DoP Not Available
Production House Applause Entertainment
Rose Audio Visual

Mithya (Zee5) Web Series Release Date

On February 18, 2022, a Hindi-language web series will be released. It can be viewed online via the Zee5 website and app.

Mithya Web Series Trailer

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