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Apharan 2

Apharan 2 Wiki: AltBalaji and ZEE5, India’s most prominent original content creators, are bringing together a variety of films and shows to keep the audience interested.

They provide a variety of genres that entertain the audience. With two new announcements in a row, the team began filming Apaharan Sabka Katega 2 in Rishikesh (Uttrakhand).

Following the massive success of Apaharan Season 1 in 2008, AltBalaji decided to create Season 2 of this drama and crime web series.

AltBalaji confirmed that Apaharan season 2 filming has begun in various locations throughout Uttrakhand.

Apharan 2 is directed by Sidharth Sen Gupta and produced by Tanveer Bookwala’s Ding Entertainment, with Arunoday Singh, Nidhi Singh, Sukhmani Sadana, and others in the cast.

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Apharan 2 StoryLine

Apharan 2

Apharan 2 Storyline: The web series Apharan Season 2 is a Hindi-Indian production. The Web Series Apharan Season 2 trailer has already been released, and the Web Series Apharan Season 2 trailer will be released on March 18, 2022.

According to the trailer, the lead actors are Arunoday Singh, Mahie Gill, Monica Chaudhary, Nidhi Singh, Varun Badola, Sadanand Verma, and Neha Kaur. You must watch this film and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Apharan 2 Wiki

Apharan 2 Wiki:

Release Date 18 March
Genre Drama | Crime| Action
Season 02
Apharan 2 Rating IMDB 8.3
Language Hindi
OTT Platform ALT Balaji
Origin Country India
Shooting Location Rishikesh(Utrakhand)
Banner/Production AltBalaji Presents
Producer Tanveer
Director Sidharth Sen Gupta
Dialog Writer Varun Badola

How to Watch Apharan 2 Web Series full episode online?

Apharan 2 is streaming on the ALT Balaji. To watch the show you will have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to your Play store or App store
  • Subscribe to the ALT Balaji
  • Watch web series Apharan 2 on the ALT Balaji

Apharan 2 cast

Apharan 2 cast:

Apharan 2 Release Date 18 March 2022
Apharan 2 Cast Arunoday Singh as Rudra Shrivastav

Nidhi Singh as Ranjana Shrivastav

Saanand Verma as Satyanarayan Dubey

Mahie Gill as Madhu Tyagi

Monica Chaudhary as Anusha Tyagi

Jeetendra as Codex

Ujjwal Chopra as Bhandari

Varun Badola as Laxman Saxena

Apharan 2 Director Siddharth Sengupta

Santosh Singh

Apharan 2 Budget

Apharan 2 Budget:

Web Series Name: Apharan Season 2
Year: 2022
Director: Sidharth Sengupta
Producers: Ekta Kapoor, Siddharth Sen Gupta, Jyoti Sagar
Apharan 2 Writers: Mohinder Pratap Singh, Varun Badola
Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Apharan 2 Budget: Rs 10 Crore INR (Approx)
Certificate: U/A
Language: Hindi


Apharan 2 Review: Sabka Katega Dobara is a masala entertainer with a sense of humour and nostalgia.

Rudra Srivastava (Arunoday Singh) plays a cop who R&AW recruits for a covert operation in Siberia.

Rudra, whose personal life is in shambles, is determined to resign from his position, but he gives in when an R&AW agent blackmails him into agreeing to the secret mission.

When Rudra arrives in Siberia, he discovers that the covert operation is not what it appears to be.

The enraged young cop is dispatched to assassinate BBS, a wanted criminal.

That is, at least, what he has been told.

However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that the mission is a trap set for Rudra himself.

Apharan 2’s plot isn’t exciting. Nonetheless, it packs a powerful punch due to its treatment and execution.

Congratulations to the writers for building suspense until the climax.

Even though the episodes are only about 20 minutes long, the creators have managed to keep the show crisp and engaging.

Yes, the story becomes tedious when it goes into flashback to explore Rudra’s love life, but the crime thriller otherwise does not disappoint.

Arunoday Singh shines throughout the show, and the rest of the cast backs him up.

As Rudra, he captivates you and keeps you engrossed in the story.

Rudra’s voiceover takes over whenever he gets into trouble, and we hear his witty commentary, which adds zing to his character.

His portrayal of an angry-young macho man from the 1990s is spot on.

He fights, he loves, and he doesn’t hold back.

Nidhi Singh, who plays Arunoday’s wife, does an excellent job.

However, it is Sadanand Verma and Snehil Dixit Mehra who stand out. They have perfect comic timing and raise the humour quotient.

Overall, Apharan 2 is a fun, exciting weekend binge-watch.

If you liked the first season, you wouldn’t be disappointed by the second.

Apharan 2 FAQ

How many episodes in apaharan 2?

The plot of Santosh Singh’s 11-episode series revolves around what happens in Rudra’s life as he travels to a foreign country. Apharan 2 does not waste time settling the viewer in, nor does it provide a quick flashback to everything that happened in the previous season.

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