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Vibhu Agarwal owns and operates the Ullu App, an Indian on-demand streaming platform. The platform for Video on Demand is currently available for Android and iOS.

About ULLU

Ullu is one of India’s fastest-growing adult-oriented OTT platforms. Ullu debuted in 2018 and has amassed a cult following among young men who are desperate for affection.

In contrast to other larger platforms, ULLU TV is a smaller, more homegrown platform that appears to cater to the heartland of rural India, as most of its stories are set in a village setting.

Here are the best web series you can watch right now or download to watch later using the Ullu app. Each of the shows listed below includes a link to a page where you can watch the show.

You can also look through the actors/directors/genres list to see where your interests lie.

About ULLU App

Ullu App is a Streaming Platform that allows our customers to watch a wide variety of Web Series, Movies and EXCLUSIVE Ullu Shows. You will find every genre in it Like Drama, Horror, Suspense, Thriller and Comedy in Ullu.

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Best ULLU Web series

1. Lahore Diaries

Lahore Diaries: Naaz married Aftab in the hope of living a happy life. Her dreams were dashed when she became a middle-class housewife, trapped in a routine of daily chores.

He became disillusioned when his suppressed desires began to boil inside him. So, Naaz decides to defy convention and pursue her heart’s desire; will this decision bring her happiness, or will it destroy everything she has? Keep an eye out for updates.

Lahore Diaries Ullu Web Series Cast.

CAST Update Soon
DIRECTOR Update Soon
GENRE Adult, Family, India-Pakistan, Marriage
SEASONS One Season
RELEASED Mar 1, 2022

2. Chawl House – Season 2 Out Now

Chawl House – Season 2: Rohit was engrossed in his memories of his time with Renu. He was looking forward to the day when he would be able to see her again, and his wish was granted when the queen of his dreams came to his village house. Now the question is whether Rohit’s desire to obtain Renu will be fulfilled, or whether his strange fantasy will take an unexpected turn.

Chawl House – Season 2 Cast

CAST Dakshita Kumar, Eshan Tiwari, Jyostna Trivedi, Meenu Sharma, Sneha Paul
DIRECTOR Jasbir Bijender Bhati
GENRE Adult, Erotica
SEASONS One Season
RELEASED Mar 12, 2021

3. Gaon Ki Garmi – Palang Tod

Gaon Ki Garmi – Palang Tod: Maami was troubled by her husband’s cold relationship. With the arrival of Mansi and Madan, her life took on new hues. She hoped that this would arouse some desires in Mama’s heart, but the excitement of trying something new took her life in unexpected directions.

Gaon Ki Garmi – Palang Tod Cast

CAST Anupam Gahoyi, Mahi Kaur, Ragi, Shabaaz Abdullah Badi, Shivam Tiwari
GENRE Adult, Erotica
SEASONS Two Seasons
RELEASED Mar 3, 2021

4. Tuition Teacher – Charmsukh

Tuition Teacher – Charmsukh: Atharva hires a tuition teacher because he is concerned about his son Shreyas’s academic performance. Shreyas and the teacher gradually become friends, developing feelings for her.

On the other hand, Atharva secretly sees her, and Shreyas is heartbroken when he sees her kissing his father.

Tuition Teacher – Charmsukh Cast

CAST Basit Khan, Gitashree Shil, Saurav Singh Tiwari
DIRECTOR Nannditaa V. Kothari
GENRE Adult, Erotica
SEASONS One Season
RELEASED Dec 21, 2021

5. Train – Charmsukh

Train – Charmsukh: Juhi traveled by train with her mother when she met Nilesh, a stranger who sparked an unknown, desperate desire. Nilesh feels the same way, and they decide to kiss but fail, leaving their desires unfulfilled. 

Juhi goes to Nilesh’s seat at night, hoping for another chance with him, but a dangerous twist awaits her.

Train – Charmsukh Cast

CAST Farmaan Haider, Imran Sujail Khan, Pooja Ashok Kumar Devaliya, Prashant Pundir, Raj Dutta, Zeliya Christopher
DIRECTOR Nannditaa V. Kothari
GENRE Adult, Erotica
SEASONS One Season
RELEASED Dec 17, 2021

6. Relationship Counsellor

Relationship Counsellor: Tired of Kartik’s constant sexual desires, Sejal moves out and lives with her friend Meghna and her husband Rajiv. Who decides to counsel them to help them resolve their differences?

But they had no idea that their decision to become “Relationship Counsellors” for friends would push them past their boundaries and jeopardize their relationship.

Relationship Counsellor Cast

CAST Priya Gamre
GENRE Adult, Erotica
SEASONS Two Season
RELEASED Dec 3, 2021

7. Games Of Karma (Sangeet)

Games Of Karma (Sangeet): Chanchal was caught in a strange loop in which she couldn’t trust anyone. She fights back and does everything she can to defeat this time demon. But when karma plays its game, even the most powerful player falls.

Games Of Karma (Sangeet) Cast

CAST Kenisha Bhardwaj, Praveen Hingonia
DIRECTOR Praveen Hingonia
GENRE Adult, Erotica
SEASONS One Season
RELEASED Nov 23, 2021

8. Cyanide

Cyanide: Ayesha is the sole survivor of cyanide poisoning administered by her husband Mohan, who she later learns was involved in 12 such serial murders.

Mohan kidnaps Aisha’s son to avoid the police and flees to Gulmarg with his next prey, Sana, a beautiful Kashmiri woman. In ‘Cyanide,’ you’ll learn about Mohan’s heinous past, which is at the root of these murders.

CAST Akshitaa Agnihotri, Master Kazim Abbas Khan, Mir Sarwar, Neelofar Sheikh, Ritu Rajput, Sara Khan, Sharib Hashmi, Tariq Khan
DIRECTOR Rahat Kazmi
GENRE Adult, Crime, Murder, Serial Killer
SEASONS One Season
RELEASED Nov 19, 2021

9. Video Calling

Video Calling: Abhinav, a young man, strikes gold during online chatting with a lovely lady. As their affair progresses, the girl strips for him on a video call.

Abhinav can’t stop himself from satisfying himself, oblivious that his video call is recorded. Reality hits him hard when the girl blackmails him for his lewd video.

Video Calling Cast

GENRE Adult, Erotica
SEASONS One Season
RELEASED Nov 16, 2021

10. Live Streaming – Charmsukh

Live Streaming – Charmsukh: A husband is not only satisfied with his performance in bed, but he also records it to watch later.

When he sees strangers sharing a bed with his wife, his fantasy of watching intimate moments with his wife takes a dangerous turn. How will the husband react if he streams their sessions live?

Live Streaming – Charmsukh cast

CAST Dheeraj Narang, Muskaan Agarwal, Rajesh Raman
GENRE Adult, Erotica
SEASONS One Season
RELEASED Nov 14, 2021

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