PokerStars Sunday Million Changes to Knockout Format

Progressive Knockout (PKO) Tournaments have become more and more popular and they appear to be here to stay. That explains why PokerStars’ top event will henceforth be a progressive Knockout tournament from June 12th. The Sunday Millions tournament is one of the oldest tournaments and has been around since its inception in 2006.

Indeed, the Sunday Million was one of the first tournaments to offer participants a weekly guarantee of at least $1,000,000. Since it was launched all those years ago, PokerStars has been hosting the Sunday Millions with its traditional poker tournament format. 

PokerStars had organized several PKO tournaments on its platform but nothing was ever permanent. With this sudden change, all the Millions Tournaments henceforth will permanently convert to the PKO format. 

So, what exactly is a PKO tournament? 

When punters sign up for PKO events, half of their buy-in is directed to the overall prize pool while the remaining half is kept as a player’s bounty. Like the majority of online poker tournaments, punters are only awarded based on their finishing position.

Prizes are also typically awarded for each play that a punter eliminates. In traditional bounty and tournaments, whenever a player is felted one wins a fixed amount. The rules in PKO Tournaments vary slightly whereby every time a player is knocked out, one wins half their bounty while the remaining is sent to one’s individual bounty, which explains the progressive component of the tournament.

This implies that the more competitors are knocked out, the larger the bounty grows. The only downside to this is that as a player’s bounty grows, they can easily become a target for other players that aren’t doing as well. As you can imagine, the PKO format is one of the best and most entertaining poker formats there is online.

At the start of a PKO Tournament, the bounties tend to be small. As such, all the participants must do their best to make it to the later stages of the tournament where the bounties have accumulated to higher amounts. PKP tournaments have become a staple for any online poker platform worth its salt and for good reason.

These types of tournaments garner more action, keep punters entertained and attract novice players more than any other type of tournament available. In addition to this major change, there will also be a notable difference in the number of players for each table. The blind structure per table will also be adjusted thus providing considerably bigger starting stacks.

Apart from these changes, most of the other rules that punters are familiar with will remain the same. For instance, the Super Millions tournament will still maintain its $109 entry fee but will switch from 9-max to 8-max. the Sunday Million satellite will also still be held daily but with several modifications.

For instance, PokerStars customers that have already won a seat to the Sunday Million through a Sit and Go will not be allowed to take part in any more Sit and Go satellites. This rule has been added to stop poker players from farming the different satellites. PokerStars will also organize daily hybrid tournaments each week from Monday to Saturday with the brand offering guaranteed Sunday Million tickets worth $20,000.

PokerStars announces WCOOP dates

PokerStars finally shared the dates for this year’s World Championship of Online Poker. The 2022 WCOOP will be returning this September 4th and will be scheduled to run for 25 days. WCOOP is usually PokerStars’ biggest annual poker festival and will run from September 4th to September 28th

Last year, WCOOP celebrated its 20th anniversary and the total prizes awarded through its 20-year business had already surpassed the $1 billion mark. To commemorate this, the brand offered $100 million in guaranteed prize pools for last year’s edition. As you can expect, the $100 million threshold was easily surpassed as a result. In the end, last year’s WCOOP shattered its guarantee with more than $122 million awarded to participants.

The 2022 WCOOP will not be as large as last year’s version but there will still be plenty of surprises for poker lovers to sink their teeth into. The full schedule of this year’s tournament is still yet to be released. However, fans should have a rough idea of what to expect.

As is the norm, poker lovers can expect WCOOP to feature at least 300 individual events that will be distributed across 3 buy-in orbits. Each event will therefore offer punters a low, medium, and high buy-in. compared to last year, participants should not expect an overly large prize pool.

That’s because, since last year, the brand has exited a few essential markets including the Netherlands and Russia. PokerStars announced that it would be exiting the Russian poker market in response to the country’s military strike against Ukraine. As such, poker players should expect the guarantees for the 2022 WCOOP to be slightly lower, perhaps even as low as $60-80 million.

Final Thoughts

Last year, the Main Event failed to meet or surpass its guarantee and it will likely be the same during this year’s Main Event. Apart from all the exits, the festivities should remain relatively the same with plenty of events on offer for poker lovers. Not only will PokerStars customers have plenty of games, formats, and buy-in levels, but they will also be treated to plenty of valuable promotions to keep them entertained.

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